Thursday, January 29, 2009

Breakfast and a movie kind of day

This morning started out great. I got to go with my parents to meet my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Knute for breakfast at Cracker Barrell. Dallas and Asher did great at the table (I think Wednesday nights are really teaching the fine art of sitting at a table for longer than 15 minutes)

But the day got a little hairy with the kids. Dallas was acting up, Asher was crying and very needy most the day and when Boston came home he brought an attitude with him. By the time Sean got home I was in desperate need of a break. So I just got in the car and decided I was going to a movie, by myself if I had to. But I was lucky enough that my girlfriend Tiffanie joined me (and then my mom too!) and we saw Bride Wars. Very funny movie and just what I needed to take the days stresses away and escape into someone else's story for a little while.

I LOVE girls nights out!!!!!

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