Friday, February 29, 2008

Jess comes to visit / Disney

Happy Leap Day!

After getting the kids ready for bath last night I got a surprise call from Jessica that she was 45 minutes away from O-town, she lives in Miami. I knew we were going to try and get together today because she was shooting a commercial for Brighthouse but what a great surprise that she was here last night. So she came over and we had the best time together. Sean went to play pool with some guys so it was just us girls. I soooo wish she lived closer! There's nothing like spending time with one of your best friends! I helped her get your blog started and I look forward to being a part of her daily fun as she documents homeschooling. (The plan originally was that we would be homeschooling together...that was until we recently changed our plans).

Then she came back over this morning since the commercial got cancelled and we got to spend the whole morning together! Ya Ya Ya! Thanks again for coming up Jess!

After school Sean and I took the boys to Disney for the evening. Tons of fun like usual, who doesn't have fun at Disney. Only bummer is that Peter Pan is closed for refurbishment...hope it's open soon, I know two boys that are pretty bummed. But Dallas road the kiddie roller coaster again, its been a while since he's wanted to. Sean said he was screaming with laughter, he said it was HILARIOUS!

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