Saturday, February 2, 2008

IKEA date

Sean and I are trying to figure out how to either make this house work or we are going to have to move. We really don't want to move. Not that we LOVE this house, but we LOVE our neighborhood. I think if we did some renovations to the house it would feel more new (like wood floors instead of the old carpet). So we figure that if we combine our offices (right now my office is in the front room with all the boys trains) this would free up a room that we could make into a playroom. I think this would probably help with toy clutter. If there was 1 room for all the toys...and doors in which I could just close the door to not see the mess...this would make for a more organized, efficient house. But since it's the first room you see when you walk into the house we want to make it look nice. So tonight we planned on going to the IKEA store to check out some stuff. After hanging out with our neighbors, the Stitelers, they decided to meet us up there. So Dale and Pat came to watch our kids, they bought theirs and checked them into the wonderful FREE childcare IKEA offers, and us adults went to have dinner at the IKEA restaurant. The food was cheap and really good. We had so much fun hanging out with! I think we might do this more often! IKEA date night...LOL Afterward Sean and I got some great ideas for our office, wood flooring for the house, kids room storage system and more. Now we just need money to buy it all!!!

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