Friday, February 22, 2008

Beverly Bradley

Tonight I got to hear Beverly Bradley speak at our church. She is the wife of Reb Bradley who wrote the book "Child Training Tips: What I wish I knew when my children were young" and the series Sean and I took at church "Biblical Insights into Child Training." It was the most awesome speaker I have heard ever. It hit right home for me and I was so moved. The topic was "Woman of God: Controller or Servant." Here's some great quotes from the talk:

We control at the same level we fear
We serve to the level we trust
Luke 1:14 We can serve God without fear
Power and control is deadly and the story of Jezebel in 1Kings
God doesn't MAKE things Peaceful....HE IS PEACE
Psalm 37 (Read it...its amazing..if you don't have your bible out look it up on
To be sure that your way, your plans have to happen will result in HAVIC
You want your kids to be drawn to Jesus through you...because you glow and radiate because of Him
When we obey and trust God our family will be blessed
Where you are right now is exactly where you are suppossed to be so he can show Himself to you!

Me writing about it doesn't even do it justice. If you are really interested in the talk they taped it and are selling it on cd for $20 (that includes shipping). Just write to them on their website about the taping from First Baptist Orlando.

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