Monday, February 25, 2008

Boston talks about babies

Boston with Asher when he was 1 week old

Today while driving to school Boston pointed out a bird on top of a car and laughed and said, "Maybe she is laying eggs there!" Then he asked me how animals have babies and I told him "The mommy's carry them in their belly, they don't lay eggs." Then he talked all about me having Asher in my belly and giving birth to him at the hospital and how he got to come to the hospital and see me and there was a train. It was just so cute to hear him talk about all the details of that. Then he pauses and says, "Mommy, I WISH you could have babies in your belly again!!" I laughed and said, "Oh really. Me too. How many babies do you want mommy to have?" He said, "TWO!" I replied, "Oh my! That's a lot. Do you want them to be boys, girls or a boy and a girl." And without a pause he shouts, "Girls!" He was so convinced Asher was going to be a sister. Then tonight as he was saying his prayers he said, "Please God let mommy have baby girls in her belly." A child after my own heart! And I swear I don't put all this into his head. He's been talking about having a baby sister since soon after Dallas was born. I think he woud be an awesome big brother to a little sister since he's always looking after all the girls at school. So who knows...maybe God will answer Boston's prayers...he's been waiting on my own for quite sometime now about having a little girl. All in His perfect timing I'm sure!


Hage Family said...

Ethan is exactly the same way. He's been asking for a little sister for YEARS! I tell him to start asking God and if that is His will then he'll change mommy and daddys hearts, etc. Every now and then Ethan will ask me if I've heard from God. LOL

Anonymous said...

Aw! How sweet! :)

Kaili told me about a month ago that she wants a brother. lol!

*If* we have one more, then I think it would be neat to have a son. And Wayne would be thrilled! :)

Are you guys trying for another baby? How many do you all want to have total?