Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I treated the boys to some yummy homeade banana nut pancakes with whipped cream and valentine sprinkles with strawberries. They loved it! Of course they both were even more interested in learning how to flip the pancakes. Boston usually helps me out in the kitchen but Dallas is getting old enough now that he also wants to help and it's not so easy when you are teaching two of them (and not burn or ruin the meal LOL) but it's all about that fun!
Boston loving on Asher. They looked so cute in their red plaid.

Yummy Valentine Breakfast
I love the look on his face looking at his chocolate. We gave each of them this little box of chocolate the had a train on the front and said "I choo choose you"
Dallas was so funny, he was really excited about his chocolate until he bit into one and he found the center was some kind of strawberry filling and NOT chocolate. "Yuk!" He said. "I don't like this chocolate mom." LOL
Asher even got to have a pancake this morning and he went crazy over it.

We ate lunch today at Sams...yummy pizza. I love taking the boys there to eat. And it only costs be about $5 to feed all of us with drinks. Can't beat that. My mom and dad celebrated Valentine's for lunch and mom babysat for us so we could go out. We went to Citiwalk with Wes and Suzanne to see the movie "Fools Rush" and grabbed a bit to eat at the Nascar Restaurant (the one with a shorter wait). Great movie and wonderful company!

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