Friday, February 8, 2008

Another fun friday

I had a eye doctor appt this morning and thank goodness nothing has changed. The real reason for my glasses is because I have a stigmatisim in both eyes, my actual eye sight is pretty good. But she couldn't dialate me again, thank goodness, because I'm nursing. Last time I came in I was pregnant. She said I better get back in here before I get pregnant again...I just laughed.
When we got home we asked JT to come over to play again. The boys just love having him over and he's been coming over a lot on MWF's. It helps Teresa out a lot with homeschooling her older girls. Boston and JT love playing together and Dallas LOVES playing with them too. He does really well for the most part but then there are those times I can tell he's younger. JT is about 8 months younger than Boston so they are pretty much on the same age level. I feel bad for Dallas a lot of times because he so badly wants to be on their level but sometimes just falls behind in playing with them. He really needs another little 3 year old to play with sometimes.

I'm trying to teach Boston to include him, but I know sometimes he will need to just be able to play with a friend without having to include Dallas. So today I tried to play with Dallas more while JT was here to make sure he wasn't left out. It worked really well. Next year JT and Dallas will be going to the same school so maybe they will have a chance to bond more with each other then.

I thought today was going to be the day that Asher started crawling. He was really getting himself ready! He even tried to pull himself up on the couch today to reach a bell one of the boys left. He just loves that bell. Mainly because he wants to chew on it (another metal object for his teething!) He was so proud of himself I had to snap a pic.

Boston got all greens at school and was just so excited to show mommy and daddy. I just love his face when he has something proud to show can see him looking for that "I'm so proud of you"....and he LIGHTS UP! I just love it! When we got home Teresa called to see if I wanted to send the boys over to play but we just ended up all hanging out together and heading to the new playground in the neighborhood next to ours. Its so great to have them as neighbors with kids our same age. Fun for the kids...good adult time for us!

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