Monday, December 8, 2008

Whitman Hospital

Welcome to the Whitman Infirmary. That's sure what it feels like around here. Poor Boston has been a lot of pain all night long each night. He tosses and turns and moans and groans all night. Daytime isn't as bad as nighttime. Asher came down sick with a horrible cough and runny nose Sunday night. I called Monday morning and asked them if they could just tell me what to give him because I can't really bring all the boys in because Boston's arm is supposed to stay elevated. To say the least...mommy is tired! Between Boston and Asher I hardly have been getting any sleep. Thank goodness for my sweet friend Val for bringing us food tonight...what a blessing!! Today Dallas went to school and I headed to the store to get him some medicine and Boston a load of movies from Blockbuster since we are couch bound for a few days. He was so excited to go and get to pick out all the movies. God sure does have a way of slowing life down...I'm supposed to be getting all this Christmas stuff done. At least I already had most of the decorations already out!

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