Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The boys actually didn't wake up too early, around 7am. Boston was the first, who came into our room so excited, "MOMMY, SANTA CAME!!! You've got to see what he left us!" He is so fasinated with the fact that he comes to our house and brings gifts. Dallas woke up and was semi excited, he's still not feeling good at all. Boston and Dallas and Asher were most excited about the GeoTrax Airplanes and track they got. They sat right down to test it out.
Boston was also excited to find he got a guitar. He's been wanting one for sometime now.

The other big present was the lightsabars they got. Boston-red and Dallas-blue.

Dallas wasn't too into opening things again. He layed on the couch a lot of the time.
They were also amazed by the bike they got. Asher sat on his for a long time pushing all the buttons.

Boston was amazed at everything he got, and really enjoyed finding what was in his stocking. Dallas ended up going back to bed, poor guy, so sick. Asher liked playing with his toys, but also checking out all the ones the big boys got.

I cooked cinimmon rolls and we enjoyed those. Then I baked a brunch with sausage, cream cheese, cresent casserole, hash brown casserole and hotties (biscuits cut with and back with melted feta cheese and butter-a recipe from my Apples of Gold classs I've used countless times).

My parents came over and the boys showed off all the presents they got and they enjoyed brunch with us. It was so nice and relaxing.

Boston with the new bike Santa brought...Dallas has one too, I'm sure he'll ride when he feels better. I ended up sitting around Dallas a lot of the day. It was a forced relax Mommy moment. And nice to just have him lay in my lap and enjoy his company. He would sleep off and on all day.

Asher and his new rideAsher 19 months oldBostons 5 1/2 years old Dillard on her first Christmas with us! The Christmas cast...Santa signed it while Boston was sleeping. He was SOOOOO excited about that and shows everyone!
We played outside on all the new gifts and really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Dallas stayed in bed most of the day though. My parents came back over for dinner (Spagetti Casserole-keepin' it easy this year)
Then we celebrated the REASON for the season: Jesus Birthday. I made a red velvet cake and we sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles. Yummy!
Right after Asher had put his finger in the icing to get a taste.Dallas feeling good enough to blow out the candles, but not good enough to eat any of it, or anything else for that matter.
Then we all watched Alvin and the Chipmunks together. What a fun and joyful Christmas!

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