Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Today we headed out to the lakehouse to celebrate New Years Eve out there. The boys were excited to get out there for sure. Only bummer is no playing on the beach because Boston couldn't get his cast wet.

Boston and his santa hat
DallasAsher driving the boatMy sweet baby who's growing up toooooo fast!My dad has a trumpet that goes back to his army days. As I'm writing this I can't actually remember the story behind the trumpet so I'm going to have to ask him that tomorrow! He gave Boston a few pointers and he blew it like a pro. It's actually very hard to blow I think. I was amazed he could do it. Then Asher wanted to try of course.

"Ohhh, the sound come out of here!" Dillard on her first boat ride...although poor dad couldn't get the boat to start. Something was wrong with it.

My big boys lovin on each other, very excited about the boat ride....that didn't happen

Before dinner we took the boys to the playground in Tavares that is all lighted up and just beautiful. They had a BLAST! We put the boys to bed and watched a movie with my parents and by 10pm Sean and I were just too tired to stay up until midnight and we turned in early. Thank goodness I did because Asher woke up at 5am!! (Boston took at picture of Dillard passed out in the kitchen. ha ha!)

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