Thursday, December 11, 2008

My plan today was to get the boys pictures with Santa since Boston was out of school this week and Dallas didn't have school today. I figured it would be the only opportunity that it wouldn't be crowded. We took Asher to the doctor and then a monsoon rainstorm hit so we got his medicine and ran home. Asher was already feeling better after the medicine and the rains quieted down so we decided to brave the storm and head for Santa!

It was quite the sight as I pushed Asher in a stroller with an umbrella and Boston tried to walk with cast and umbrella and Dallas of course following behind with his umbrella. But we made it in only to find a 1 hour wait to see Santa and Boston scared out of his pants at the thought of getting anywhere near him. So made a executive decision that this probably wasn't such a good idea. Instead we walked around and looked at all the decorations and Santa from a good distance. They all loved the decorations and had a blast.

Picture with Santa...well...sort of. Ha HaAsher in total amazement at the decorations and especially the large Santa.
"Hi Santa!!!"

My boys

We ran into my mother in law and her sister and cousins from out of town. So we walked around with them for a while and visited. I got a few Christmas gifts purchased and it was a fun time for all!!

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