Friday, December 5, 2008

Singing Trees date with Boston

Sean's parents weren't able to babysit tonight so instead of Sean and I going to our church's performance of The Singing Christmas Trees I took Boston tonight and Sean went with Wes last night. Boston was so excited that we were going on a date together. We both got dressed up with Christmas cheer and headed to the show. My sister in law Suzanne danced in the show and they did such a great job. I was very impressed, defiantly the best year they've ever done. They even had some krumping dancing going on. Amazing!

Our seats for the show were 3rd row right up front and at the end of the show Boston spotted Pastor David and made this shocking look and pointed, shocked that he was so close to him. I think he's like a superstar to him. Later that night I was talking to Pastor David and he said he saw Boston's reaction and thought it was so cute. Boston was so nervous for the beginning half of the show because Wes had told him the covering over the trees would magically fall at some point. For some reason this really worried Boston. But then once it happened he decided it was his favorite part. He was so cute showing off for everyone. My parents and Wes were sitting with us and afterward we met up with Suzanne and headed to Ruby Tuesday's for light dinner and dessert. We were out so late and Boston thought it was so cool that he got to stay out. Wes had the preview for the new movie Speedracer on his phone and Boston must have watched it 10 times. We'll have to rent that movie soon

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