Monday, December 22, 2008

Today was a very busy day. I'm so behind with Boston's cast killing a whole week of Christmas planning and shopping. So today we started out at Bass Pro Shop for the kids to enjoy their Winter Wonderland. I was impressed with what all they have there. We got there a little early so Santa had not arrived yet, but this was good because it would have been more crowded and my kids would not have enjoyed seeing Santa anyhow. But they got to shoot guns, bow and arrows, see the trains running, check out all the fun decorations, see the reindeer. Not to mention all the fish and stuffed animals. It was an exciting place to hang out!

With the reindeer

Shooting the guns

Dallas shooting the bow and arrow
Watching the trains You can see the house behind them, Santa sits in front of it

After this we headed over to BJ's but passed by Krispie Kreme on the way in and I saw the "Hot n Now" sign was on and quickly turned in. How can i pass that up? I was going through the drive thru when the boys asked if we could go inside to watch them on the conveyor belt. So I paid for our doughnuts and we headed inside to eat them and watch the being made. I know they are horrible for you, but for me there's so many family memories going to Krispie Kreme in Tampa and Tennessee while visiting my grandparents. And whenever there's a family wedding and a Krispie Kreme nearby you will more than likely find my family there. No one lives near one, except us now, so it's always a special treat.
After we stuffed our faces we headed to BJ's and got the job done there. Back home for lunch and Asher's nap and back out to Target for some more gifts. The boys were so good with all the running around that I took them to the playground on the way home and I froze while they played their little hearts out. It was there that I was once again reminded that I really want another little one in our family. Boston and Dallas were running all around together and Asher needed someone. So I played with him. Of course, now just isn't a good time for a baby so hopefully sometime in the future there might be one more.
As I was about to crash from exhaustion I headed over to my friend Val's house to do her Christmas pictures for her family. Then home to wrap some gifts and edit her pictures when Dallas walked in saying he didn't feel so good and then the throwing up began!

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