Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boston getting cast on

I took Boston to get his cast on today. First we went to Checkers and I let him get a chocolate milkshake because I knew this might hurt a little bit. He was very brave once again today. The worst part was when they took the splint off and his arm was exposed and moving. I think every since inch it moved was extremely painful, just looking at his face I could tell. My heart just broke for my precious little one to be in such pain I have never felt. But it was quick and then all over and they began putting the GREEN cast on. His favorite color is green and he was so excited he got to pick the color. He's been looking forward to getting his green cast on for days. The guys putting it on even commented that its a very big cast since it covers the whole arm, so he'll have lots of room for signatures! Of course green also will go well with it being Christmas and all. He'll have the cast on for 3 weeks (a little longer since they won't be open over New Years) and then probably physical theropy for a little while to get full use back. I got to see the pins sticking out while the arm was exposed and ugh did that look painful!
The xray of the pins in his arm...two of them.

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