Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow in Florida

Well, not really. In Celebration, Fl (the little Disney city) they have snow fall nightly. Or what we might call "Florida snow" aka...BUBBBLES! But nevertheless, the kids love it! They all stand on the mainstreet and wait for it to come and they get so excited. We met Sean's cousin Laurie and her husband Mike and their daughter Ellie, cousin Johnny from NY and Aunt Nancy and Grandma Dorothy.

Ellie, Mike and Boston

Johnny bought us all hot chocolate to get us in the mood even more, even though it wasn't cold at all out.Boston realizing this "snow" doesn't taste as good as "real snow" Asher wasn't too thrilled by the snow Boston covered in itAsher getting far away from the bubbles
Then we road the train, or what they call a train. The engine is really a truck decorated as a train pulling the passenger cars.

Dallas, Asher, me, Boston, Ellie, Aunt Nancy, Laurie and Sean
Me and my boys enjoying the train ride

Right before we left Sean noticed a little boy crying and realized that he was lost. So he scooped him up and began looking for his parents. I got the police men standing close by and we stood there looking for the parents for what seemed to be a long time. The little boy was only about 3 2 or 3 years old. When he dad finally showed up he appoligized and said he's their 4th boy and he just wandered off. I thought to myself...gosh is that what happens if you have 4 boys! LOL

We saw all the beautiful houses all decorated with lights as we drove home. A very fun night!

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