Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The boys have enjoyed being out of school all week. They have rode their bikes A LOT. The new thing now is to put cones out and ride in the street, with mommy watching of course. Boston likes to pretend he's Speedracer and Dallas likes to be Racer X. Asher of course just likes to wander around or push a toy here and there. The boys have learned now when mommy yells "CAR!" they are to quickly get off the road.

Here's a photo of them before we headed out to ride around the neighborhood.

This is them racing on our "raceway"We also like to go down to our neighborhoods playground that's on Lake Hiawassee. We can play on the playground, ride the bikes in the roundabout, and watch all the skiers and wakeboarders that are always out doing tricks. I love the neighborhood we live in!

Here's Asher walking around at the lake Boston amazed at the wakeboarders

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