Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Morning with Nena and Papa

We woke up at my parents lakehouse this morning and celebrated Christmas with my parents and Wes and Suzanne. Poor Dallas was so sick this morning that he just wanted to lay in the other room and sleep and not even open gifts. He did let me carry him in the room we were opening presents and he opened his stocking a few gifts when he started throwing up again. My poor sweet Dallas. It's horrible to watch your child be so sick, and especially at Christmas time. I'm just hoping he feels better tomorrow on Christmas day.

Boston and Asher were enjoying all the fun. Boston got over the illness very quickly and bounced right back. He was looking at all the gifts trying to find his name. He got a keyboard, toy fishing stuff, truck, a gun that makes a airplane fly, a toy space gun and a Lincoln Logs Train set and lots more.

Asher wasn't as interested in opening in presents as he was playing with them, or the other boys bigger toys. He did enjoy pretending to talk on his play phone and playing with his new train.

Dallas also got toy fishing stuff, truck, a gun that makes a airplane fly, a toy space gun and a Lincoln Logs Train set but also got a drum set I'm sure he will be very excited to play when he's feeling better.

Uncle Hess and Aunt Suzanne also got the boys the movie Camp Rock, which Bostons is SUPER excited to watch. He's so into High School Musical. I can just see the boys pretending to be the Jonas Brothers with all their instruments. LOL

Sean was there to open the gifts but had to go to work the rest of the day. I packed everything up and the boys enjoyed playing outside in the beautiful weather for a while. Dallas managed to make it down to sit on the boat for a little bit, the only thing he really wanted to do.

Boston in amazement at all the gifts
Everyone opening gifts
This picture is so funny. I love Asher looking up at Sean opening his gifts, but I ESPECIALLY love Dallas face as he peers throw the mountain of toys stacked on him! And you probably can't tell from the pic but I got Sean this shirt last year at Christmas and it says "Regift Responsibly" and it looks like a recycling symbolYou can see from this picture just how sick he was
Excited isn't he?
Papa and Asher Dillard opening one of many gifts she's gotten this week
Lovin on her present

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