Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whitman Christmas Party

We had the Whitman family Christmas party at cousin Laurie's house today. The boys love getting to see their cousin Ellie. She's really the only cousin they have close that they get to see much of. And Ellie LOVES Asher. They say she prays all on her own each night for him.

Here's some pics of Ellie and Asher while playing outside:

My friend Jessica bought me this Williams and Sonoma ice cream mold last year and I finally found time (or MADE time) to make them. They were oh so easy to do and very yummy tasting. They were made with brownies and strawberry ice cream.

I also made a twist on Christmas cookies and made these fun Rice Krispie treats decorated with colored candy molds melted. Last year I made stockings made from fruity pebbles. They were oh so delicious! But these were just as good. The boys loved the spinning tops, just some of the fun little gifts they got at the party. The adults all brought a $5-10 gift and we did the Elephant gift exchange. Sean was very proud to come away with the reindeer that poops out little chocolate covered raisins. And the boys were so excited with the movies Grandma Dorothy bought them: Dallas got the "Bee Movie" and Boston got "Star Wars the Clone Wars." Asher got a cute little light up learning toy.

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