Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whitman Ticket System

We have been using this ticket rewards system I designed for our family for over a year now and I have to say it's been the best system I've ever implemented into our family. It worked wonders when the boys started school last year. For Dallas it was a lifesaver. His teacher even used it for him in class and it was the best thing to help him. When you have a child with Aspergers you have to be on your toes and think outside the box when it coming to discipline and raising them. Things just don't always work as easy as it might with other neurotypical children. This system speaks so well to him!

At first when I started it I wanted to make it a positive rewards system so I never took away tickets. Once we had been doing it for several months I then added in getting tickets taken away for certain things. (I need to make a chart for that too now that I think about it).

For example if they lie they get 5 tickets taken away, if they hit they get 3 tickets taken away, if they name call it's 2 tickets and if they stick their tongue out or make a bad face at someone or roll their eyes it's 1 ticket.

This is also a system you can take with you where ever you go. Dallas teacher would even take tickets with her in her pocket when they would go on field trips. We take the baggies and my tickets to hand out when we go on vacation.

It's also a great way of managing tv and video game time. If they have to buy their time on those things they will think twice before they spend time doing it. And when they get rewarded for playing out side and being active it reinforces those positive things in their lives. Book reading is another one I reward for and they get even more tickets when they read their bible or memorize scripture.

I LOVE giving out tickets. I especially love giving them out for random acts of kindness. If you use this system you can adjust it to work with you and your family and especially with each child in your family. I hope this gets your wheels turning.

I also posted here where we display our ticket system and keep the tickets. It's hanging in our kitching dining nook, a high traffic area and usually where I the kitchen. I'll explain what the papers are hanging behind the ticket baggies another day. Another really fun thing to do with the kids!


Netta said...

Love it...I also love your Whitman Rules you have posted!! You are amazing and have such wonderful ideas!!

Glenda O'Neill said...

Your ticket system idea has been a great help in our home! I have two kids with Asperger's and it really helps motivate them to do the things I need them to. It is really awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a clearer view of your cash in sheet. Looks like great ideas but I can't read it.