Friday, July 1, 2011

Sydney swings

I know it seems like Sydney overload on the posts lately but she's the only one that ENJOYS me taking her picture. :-) And of course watching her experience life for the first time in so many ways is just so breathtaking! So here's her fun in the little cutie!

The swing has been a favorite among all 4 of my kids. They never liked the little infant swing that most people have in their house. None of them ever used it! I think it's because it just didn't have enough excitement in the settings. They needed super high, lighting fast speed and that just doesn't come preloaded.

Hi sweet girl.

Behind the scenes was Asher with a pouty face because Sydney was swinging. His ticket held the most punches lately until she got old enough to ride and now he's having to share with her and Dallas. Sad face Asher....poor thing.

But it didn't bother her one bit!

I could photograph you all day my little princess

I love the pure excitement in this one. And if you look really close you can see how high up the arch in her mouth goes. Mine and all three of the boys and Sean are the same way...except her's is even higher than the boys. She can hide food up in there and store it for later. (I was told from one of my vocal coaches in college that it means you have a high soprano voice....that was sure true with me....we shall see with her)

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