Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More 4th of July pictures

The whole clan!

We always take a whole family picture on 4th of July....this year it was like pulling teeth. Well....at least we have a picture (even if my elbow is blocking Boston's face) :-) And you gotta love Sydney's hair blowing up.

Dallas was going to go tubing in the 3 man tub but decided against it at the last minute. He did do it last summer but doesn't really remember.

Sydney enjoyed another day of fun in the sun, sand and water.

Asher swimming his little heart out

Daddy's little girl

Boston with Haley climbing the tree

Lots of fun beach time....here's Asher with Haley and Joy

Suzanne teaching Asher how to play checkers

My cousin Trisha (who was a bridesmaid in my wedding) meeting Sydney for the first time.

Dallas and Guy being silly

Poor little Asher was exhausted from all the activities for the last few days and crashed before dinner with a little tummy ache. And he managed to sleep in the midst of all the crazy noise going on around him and in the room we had the Casey Anthony trail playing on the tv. I had to wake him up for the family photo and fireworks (and if you look at the first picture above you can see how tired he is.)

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