Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Little Miss Firecracker....for sure she wins the award.Boston and his dogSydney sure loved hanging out with her Aunt Debbie this weekend. She loved to love on her, eat her food, and store her pacifier in her cleavage. LOL

Sydney with her great, great Aunt Margie. She is my grandmother's sister and is like my grandma to me since mine passed away 10 years ago and before that had Alztimers for sometime. What a blessing she is to everyone in her life!

All the kids who were at this reunion. We are missing 10 kids who are all under the age of 9. Can you believe it! You can see they are all wearing the shirts I made them with their first initial and name on them. They were a big hit and I was hoping to get a picture of them all standing in a line but of course my kids were not going to have it so I settled for this photo on the golf cart. You can see Dallas is "thrilled" about it.

My brother, his wife Suzanne holding Asher, my mom, my great Aunt Margie, Dallas, Boston, my Dad, me, Sydney and Sean.

I should be walking very soon with all the practice everyone gave me. Everyone was trying to get me to walk. Of course I have a mind of my own and I still think I can get around a lot fast on my knees. Although Mommy was very excited when I kept standing up on my own a lot.

Having some girl time with my cousin Joy

Getting some lovin from Aunt LeeAnne

Me and my girl

.The boys all loved the sparklers as well as their cousins. Here is Boston having a blast!

Tavares fireworks! Best part is that we don't have to go anywhere to see them. And they do an amazing show!

You can see all the boats below the fireworks

All my boys

After the fireworks we made smores. YUMMY! Here is Joy and Dallas

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