Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boston's 1st camp: Music Camp

This week Boston was at music camp during the day from 9-3. The first day he was not happy at all after I picked him up. They had just sat and learned songs all day and my active boy was not into that. But I knew once they learned all the motions he would have a good time. And after much deliberation we had decided to have him finish out the week since he was the one that had wanted to do the camp anyhow. It was at my church and on Friday they put on a performance that night for all of us parents.

I had picked Boston up at 12 on Friday to go see his cousin at Universal Studios for a few hours and then we raced home to get him to his performance. Dallas, Asher and Sydney were so tired from Universal that we decided to have Sean stay home with them and just have me go and video and take pictures.

I was so proud of my boy. He did such a great job!

Afterward Boston and I went to this awesome ice cream place here called Orange Leaf where you fill up your cup with soft serve ice cream of your choice and toppings. It was super yummy and some good time with my oldest son.

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