Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 1 of Family Reunion

We headed out to my parents lakehouse today to start the 4th of July family reunion festivities. A lot of my family from all over the country flew in and drove for a fun weekend. Here are a few pictures of day 1. The boys and Sydney sure were excited about seeing everyone. And Sydney got a WHOLE lot of lovin!

Sydney's first time playing in the sand at my parents lakehouse. I have always just held her on the side while the boys played. But it was high time for her to get in the on the action. And she jumped right in and had a blast!

Wow mom what is that stuff!

Boston swimming in the lake with Aunt Donna and his cousin Kaitlyn.

My parents pulled out all their lake toys and the kids were quite entertained....and worn out!

Kaitlyn's new puppy that came with them all the way from New Jersey to have some fun with us. Her name is Marley and she lives up to her name.

Boston and Kaitlyn in the other blow up water slide that was on the grass.

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Tiffanie said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!