Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Miss Firecracker and Marley the dog

My sweet little firecraker enjoyed playing around in the grass while Papa and mommy blew up the water slide. I'm amazed still that I have a little girl! And she is such an easy going little girl.... happy all the time.

I can clap now and wave bye!

With Sydney loving the sand so much I put her swimsuit on and let her play in the water. My mom had bought her a huge blow up pool but she wanted nothing to do with it. The water in it was cold and the water in the lake was very, very warm. You can tell that she has 3 older brothers. This girl had no fear at all. The waves were crashing up over her, splashing her in the face and she kept continuing to laugh and go out deeper and deeper. Thank goodness she knows how to swim. She might not be walking but the girl can swim!

And I couldn't resist posting a few precious pictures of Marley again. The next time my cousin is down with him he will probably be bigger than our dog!

Marley really loved playing with Sydney and Asher I think because they were the closest to her size.

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