Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sickness hits the Whitman house again

The boys had tutoring Friday morning. We have been blessed to have Boston's assistant teacher from last year be able to tutor the boys for a few weeks to help keep things fresh and new. She is so awesome!

Boston complained about a stomach ache at the end of the session. The space shuttle was going up for the last time and we were rushing to get home to see it. I had wanted badly to drive over to let the kids see it up close and personal like I have so many times but the idea of spending many hours in traffic wasn't appealing. And I was sad that, just like the last launch, there were lots of clouds in the sky so they wouldn't be able to see it go up. But we rushed home to see it on the tv and run outside to see if we could see at least a little bit. No such luck. But they were super excited to witness it on tv like the rest of the country.

Right after the launch Boston got more sick. He was running a fever and a few hours later the throw up started. Poor guy. This 24 hour bug seems to be going around here so much and our poor family keeps getting it and spreading it amongst all of us.

Our sweet cat Memphis crawled up on Boston to comfort him.

On Saturday Boston was doing much better and by the later afternoon he was begging to go to Universal Studios. So we loaded everyone up and headed to the park. But once we were in the park at the fun ball playground I noticed that Sydney was pretty lethargic and warm. I headed back to the stroller when Dallas grabbed me and said he was really hot. So he went with me and then I noticed he felt really warm as well. I popped out the thermometer and sure enough they both had fevers. So we packed up the crew and headed back home.

At least this time they only had the fever and none of the throw up....other than a fun diarrhea mess Sydney left for us in the car seat. Don't you love this post....hope you aren't having a snack while reading this! I think it's time to up the vitamins that I have been lax on giving. It looks like we all need them!

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