Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today i painted for 5 hours all the baseboards and doors in our house. It was quite the project. My nesting is really getting pretty crazy. Don't remember being this crazy with the boys. It probably has something to do with the fact that it will be my fourth and I just feel like I need everything in order so that it's not so crazy when I bring her home. I'm now sitting on the couch completely and physically wiped out. Thought it might bring on some contractions or labor activity but nothing so far, only very swollen feet and achy body. At least I'm getting a lot done around here and some quality time with the boys and Sean.

My parents took the kids last night and they spent the night because I had a meeting with the bride who's wedding I'll be shooting in March this morning. Sean and I went to dinner with his boss and his wife last night and had a great time with them.

This morning while touring the golf course with the bride I thought our golf cart driver was either trying hard to just pop the baby out or throw me off the cart. Wow it was one scary ride!!

My parents just called and the boys are gonna stay another night. It's been so nice to have this time alone with Sean since we don't get much time together anymore and with the baby coming anyday it's meant even more! So I'm in for a relaxing evening with the love of my life as we face another parenting adventure in the near future adding our first girl to the mix!!

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