Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sean runs the Goofy Challenge

This morning the boys and I braved the record Florida Freezing weather (35 degrees when we left only getting up to 44 with the wind chill well below that.) Of course when Sean left the house at 3am it was in the 20's!!! We wore about 4 layers of clothes with hats and gloves and cheered on Daddy. He finished in 5:45 for the marathon today, that's after running the1/2 marathon yesterday in the 20 something degree weather with snow,sleet and rain the whole time!!

Sean ran with his buddy Juan and they had a great time taking it easy this year, not trying to break any PR's or anything after having run the 1/2 yesterday. They stopped this year along the way and took pictures with the characters and such and even enjoyed seeing our friend Tony Messina from college DJing. Sean got his own personal shout out on the loud speaker, "There's Sean Whitman, graduate from UCF everybody!!!"

Rebecca, Juan's wife, and their 4 kids meet me at my house and we caravaned over to EPCOT to cheer them on at the finish line. Thank goodness we were able to spot them this year since everyone was dressed alike it seemed (most with grey sweatshirts and hats and gloves)
While waiting on Sean and Juan to finish the kids enjoyed rolling down this hill in front of EPCOT in the warm sunshine
They did it! And they have 3 medals to show for it!
Our family (minus Dallas who refused to be in the picture)
The dads and their kids (with Lucas and Dallas missing)After they finished we all went over to Perkins since we were all starving.

Now we are all warmed up in the house and looking forward to a little bit warmer weather for this Florida blood. Being locked in the house for days with three boys is getting to be a little crazy.

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