Friday, January 8, 2010

36 weeks pregnant

Well this pregnancy I have out grown so many of my clothes. What a big belly this little girl has made. And she must be sittings so much more different than the boys because clothes I wore through the whole pregnancy with them I can't wear now! And with the brutal freeze we are having I just can't manage to get by with the last pair of jeans I could fit they were getting tight! So off I went to try and find an affordable pair to last me in the little amount of time I have left! I did manage to find a very cute, very comfortable pair (not the ones in this picture...these were the ones that were just too tight for my comfort anymore.) I realized I just haven't taken very many pregnant pictures this pregnancy and I should document this every growing belly some. So there it basketball i tucked away under my shirt!
I am really getting uncomfortable and looking forward to finishing the nursery and the other things on my to do list and finally meet this little girl who is ALWAYS moving inside me...kicking and punching me. (Way more than the boys ever did!!)

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