Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A nice day

Today I really got some quality time with the boys. It just feels so important to me before Sydney gets here and our whole world is rocked for a little while.

Dallas did just awesome going into school today (after a week of crying and screaming fits). I talked with him all morning about what my expectations were for him and how I would like for him to behave when I drop him off. And he was smiling, skipping to class. Gave me a HUGE bear hug and off he went. What a sign of relief this was for me since all the other days I was just ready to throw the towel in and just bring him back home.

Boston, Asher I made a trip to the library drive thru. On our way there we noticed lots of police cars along the way. We asked the librarian what was going on as she said someoe had robbed the bank. Boston (who was guessing the whole time we were driving as to what was going on) shouts out "AWESOME!!!" from the back seat. It had me and the librarian laughing.

We picked up Dallas, came home and I gave the boys army costumes I had bought after Halloween for about 50cents. They loved them! We went in the backyard and played and our neighbor Jerry flew kites with the kids (ashers 1st time).

I got a lot of household cleaning done during ashers nap and then we all headed to the front yard. I was going to rake leaves but the boys each wanted me to play something with them so I did that instead. (I had thought the leaf raking might bring on labor but it was too windy anyhow and way more fun to play with my boys). Dallas wanted to play baseball with me (I throw-he hits). Asher wanted me to push him in the swing. And Boston changed his mind every 2 minutes.

It was just a joyful, happy time and I soaked it all in. They have all been getting extra long hugs lately. I don't know why I feel like things are going go be so differerent when Sydney gets here.

Funny thing is that after Sean got home all of a sudden I got all emotional and spent about 30 minutes crying in the bathroom. Darn hormones!! Of course this waiting game of when is she going go come proabably doesn't help.

So I'm signing off tonight...no contractions...just feeling like I'm going to puke. Lovely isn't it? The anticipation is killing me!!!

(by the way. My laptop broke so I'm updating through my phone). And if anyone wants to donate a computer to this pregnant soul feel free!! I'm lost without it.

- Cricket

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