Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hot...that's the best way to describe how I felt today. I think my blood pressure must be higher (a good sign labor is in my near future) because no one else around me was hot. I think was sweating all day long.

Maybe the vitamins and supplements are also working. I upped the dosage of Evening Primrose Oil to 3 in morning and 3 at night now that I'm in my 38 week. And I have upped the Red Rasberry Leaf tablets to 2 morning and 2 evening. That's suppossed together things moving an shaking. We shall see!

Also began reading my Supernatural Childbirth book again. Feeling inspired and confident for this delivery. It's all in Gods hands and I trust he will guide it to go in the direction it is suppossed to.

Until then...wait...wait...wait...........

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