Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party, movie, 911 and sleeping in

Well it's Sunday and still no baby. The Doctor said on Tuesday I probably wouldn't make it through the week and yet another Whitman baby has defied all dates. Her due date is wednesday and it's looking more and more like another late baby.

In the meantime I'm getting lots done and having some good quality family time. Last night we went to a friend and neighbor my family for many many years going away party. He's leaving to try and make it in the Navy Seals. We brought the kids over to my parents and put them to bed and headed next door.

After the party we went to the movies with Wes and Suzanne and saw The Book of Eli, a surprisingly good movie about a man whom God tells to take the last bible and take it West, protecting him along the way. Amazing ending.

While in the movie I got a text from my mom saying that Dallas called 911 and came out and told her he talked to a nice lady on the phone who wanted to know if he had an emergancy. He said he just hung up. And sure enough a few minutes later a sheriff shows up at the front door. He was not happy at all. Yelling at my mom to put the dog in the house and he had been looking all around with his flash light. She explained what happened and he finally left.

We missed church this morning. I had a horrible nights sleep and slept in until 11:30. I just can't get comfortable at night, or I'm up peeing or feeling nausous. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

But I do have to say that I really am enjoying feeling her move and kick inside me. Especially knowing that I probably won't ever be pregnant and get to feel that again. It's very bittersweet. I have always loved being pregnant but this one has been much much harder on mh body and emotions than the other ones ever were. But it's all worth it in the end!

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