Friday, January 29, 2010

Movies with Papa

Today after school we went to the movies with papa. The boys have been asking to go to Universal Studios Citiwalk to see a movie because they remembered going there a while back with Sean and I. Man were they excited. They loved riding the moving sidewalks and seeing the rollercoasters and all the exciting things there.

Here they are with papa, not the best picture but the only one I got Dallas in.

We had the whole theatre to ourselves which was great because we could talk when needed during the movie. And with 5 minutes left in the movie dallas had had enough sitting down and walking up and down the stairs on the side.

Then we walked around citiwalk for a little while. They love surfing!

Boston being chill

Dallas doing stunts

We watched the hulk and the new rockin roller coaster and they both put on their own dance show for us to the music playing. Then they found the water area and loved running around in there. Then Boston got wet and realized how cold the water was!

Finally we went by Margarittaville to see our neighbor Jerry who is a bartender there. His dog Ruby and our dog Dillard are best friends and play everyday. The boys just love Mr Jerry and he's so great with them. They thought it was so cool to see where he works. Dallas walked right up to him and said, "Mr Jerry you're a server!!!". Jerry responded, "no I'm a bartender and don't you forget it!". I died laughing.

It was such a fun day!!! Thanks so much dad!

- Cricket

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