Friday, January 22, 2010

Nesting, back labor and the waiting game

I have been nesting so badly it's like right out of a movie. I'm cleaning and vacumming under tables and couches and cleaningthings I normally wouldn't even notice were dirty. At least a lot is getting done!

I've been having back labor since the weekend. I'll take regular contractions anyday compared to these! I'm not very vocal when the contractions get painful, I usually try and stay calm and relaxed but that's not the case with these piercing back ones. The boys are always so concerned when it happens as they watch mommy freeze and moan in pain with a clinched face showing just how horrible the experience is.

I should be used to the waiting game by now. I remember working up until about the week before my due date with Boston and then each day wondering if it would happen. My mom and I would go out each day, eat lunch and enjoy each day...and he was 10 days late when they induced me because the fluid levels were getting too low.

With Dallas they changed my due date to a later date and he actually came 3 days early. But Asher made up for it when he was 2 weeks late!

Every morning I wake up without plans because there's just no point in committing to anything right now. And I'm so uncomfortable it's hard to do much of anything anyhow. The boys have been great just going with the flow as I try and get my to do list accomplished. It would be REALLY cool if she came on Sean's birthday next Thursday the 28th. But I know no matter what God has her perfect birthday picked out. Now I just have to be patient and hang in there until then!

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