Monday, August 8, 2011

At the beach!!!!

My family and I are having such a great time at the beach this week. We came out on Saturday and I have so much to catch up on here. But I'm gonna keep this short right now because the beach is calling back to me....

Sydney loves the beach just as much as her 3 older brothers. The sand, the wind, the water, the waves. I love the smiles that come out of my children at the beach. The joy of watching them run, with their boogie boards in hand, into the surf. I love their tiny little foot prints. I love how tired they are at the end of the day.

On a funny note: as I was packing up on Saturday the boys were watching a show on Shark Week on the Discovery channel. The show was on the Top 5 most Dangerous Shark Beaches. As I'm walking in and out I catch that #2 is Australia and I vowed that I would never go in the waters there. Then to my shock and awe #1 was FLORIDA! AND New Smyrna Beach is the "Shark Capital of the World." Seriously!?! And this is my 3rd summer going to New Smyrna Beach for a week. On top of that I'm a Floridian born and raised. How on earth did I not know this? And this is the beach that my kids and I all swim in.

I told me kids about the time I was in 5th grade at Cocoa Beach with my family and a shark ran into me and knocked me over. Thank goodness it was the side of his body and not his mouth! As I'm RUNNING out of the water all the lifeguards were sounding sirens that everyone should get out of the water. No kidding.

(the picture below is my kids running down to the beach for the first time right after we got there)

I thought this show would deter my kids from wanting to swim in these shark waters but nope. Not a single thought about it again once their feet hit the sand. Oh well. They are in God's hands and I trust Him. No worries here (just a mom that has super focus vision on her kids as they are playing in the water!)

(and below is Boston and Dallas running full speed for the ocean)

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