Friday, August 19, 2011

10 things you might not know about Aspergers

1. The conversation around the dinner table revolves around movie quotes and when asked to talk about something other than movie quotes there is a long silent pause and your son responds, "What DO we talk about then?"

2. When I say "Dallas you are smart as a tack" he responds "I'm not a tack!"

3. You cannot serve anything cold or red or smooth.

4. Your child would rather wear their too small, holes on the sides, shoes than change and get a new pair. Doesn't matter how great the new ones are....they aren't the same as the old ones.

5. When playing a game be prepared for the worst when your Aspergers child loses...including but not limited to: throwing, yelling, storming away, and slamming doors.

6. I now know everything there is to know about Spiderman, Star Wars, Roller coasters and Tornado's.

7. It's like pulling teeth to stop the bad habits: picking noses, smelling hands, flapping arms, etc

8. My children have higher IQs than me and I was in the gifted program

9. Everyone at the grocery store, YMCA, church or any other place we go to knows my kids names....even if I never told them.

10. The love expressed by them is so deep and wide that no one can even come close. It's an unconditional love that most people cannot understand. I've been up and down mountains but the joy of this gift from God is worth more than words.

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