Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another day at the beach

Lots of wind today at the beach which kept things a little on the chilly side after you were wet. But that didn't stop us from lots of fun. And the kids have met some great new friends...and a bonus is that their mom and I have hit it off. It's always fun with more friends on vacation!

I had a great idea for a picture with a frame on the beach. Dallas was my only child willing to entertain mom's creative juices. And he did such a great job posing for least for the 10 seconds that he did and I was able to quickly catch this shot!

The moon and the lifeguard chair.
We went down to the beach after dinner at Manny's. Sean's idea was to take the kids for a walk to find some shells. Of course I saw an opportunity to bring my camera down to the beach.

Boston Dallas


My goal was to capture a shot of the kids all together. I take pictures of families all the time and find it so easy to get the kids to cooperate with me. Of course like all professional photographers know....photographing your own kids is TOTALLY different.'s the best shot I could get. The boys wanted to pretend they were lifeguards looking out. At least they weren't pushing each other off the stand! And Sydney was having too much fun to stop and look at me.

And here's a nice behind the scenes of me trying to get them all in place.

All my favorite boys

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