Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crabs, waves and rain, rain, rain

Monday was a great day to start until the rains moved in. Before that I was able to capture a few shots.

Sydney sure loves her daddyand the sand!

The boys and Sean LOVE to catch crabs. They look for a hole and dig to China to find it. Then they watch it try and pinch them and run around. It's very entertaining to watch!

I love the smile on Boston's face

And here was the catch of the day. camera just can't resist this little girl...and her cub legs!

Walking ALL over!

Watching her crazy big brothers.

Dallas and Boston are having a blast in the water. There's not as many pictures of them because they are usually in the water boogie boarding and you can only take so many pictures of that. :-)

Asher was very busy building things with the sand, digging holes and filling them with water and running around in and out of the water. Next year he will probably be out there boogie boarding and jumping waves, but for now Mama loves watching her busy little boy running around in the sand.

And then Sydney found the birds and they became a whole new game!

When the rain came we spent a lot of the day inside until finally the thunder and lightning left and we were able to let our energetic boys bounce out of the condo. Who cares if it was still sprinkling. But my little Asher cared. He did not want to get wet. So I put his hat on and then wrapped him in a towel and he was more than willing to head down to the beach and sit under our tent and build sand castles.

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