Monday, August 22, 2011

Being a Disney photographer

While at the beach with the family on vacation I got a call the The Disney Fine Art and Photography group wanted to do a meet and greet with me about possibly hiring me as a contract photographer. How exciting! I drove in for the interview and was excited when they offered me the job. So today was my first day headed out to get some training on shooting at Disney. It was such a crazy day running around all morningin getting everyone dropped off before heading over! I finally ended up at Disney around 10 after dropping all the boys off and Sydney with my mother in law. I met the team out at the hotel they were shooting at and jumped in. I was a little disoriented on a Canon instead of my Nikon and realized it will take me some getting used to. It also couldn't have been a more hot day to be outside shooting. But I'm so excited about this new opportunity in my photography carrer!

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