Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of school

It's the first day of school and a super big day in the Whitman household. Not only are the boys going back to school (Boston 3rd grade, Dallas 1st and Asher preschool) but I am going to work as a freelance Photographer for Disney's Creative Event Team.

Getting pictures this morning was crazy but I was still insistent on doing it. My poor camera was all fogged up and didn't have time to deal with it so the pictures look horrible but at least I have some. (Maybe I'll fake some better ones later if I can talk the boys into it!)

Here's my big 3rd grader.

He wanted a Pirates of the Caribbean backpack and I couldn't find a new one so he said he wanted to use the one he used in Kindergarten. That was easy and cheap for me. But he did ask for the lunch box he has been seeing advertised on TV called so I splurged and got him that.

And here's spiderman Dallas himself all ready and excited about heading off to 1st grade.

And my baby boy is now going to school every day for a half day! He was very very nervous at his meet the teacher (the reason there are no pictures of him and his teacher.) But I was so proud of him this morning as he was so grown up and happy as he entered into his new class. And I'm super excited his little friend Jack from church is in his class as well since all but 1 of the kids in his 3 year old class are in other classes.

And doesn't he look so cute in his Mickey shirt.

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