Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girls sleepover!

Friday a bunch of girls from my sunday school class headed out to my parents lakehouse to spend the night and have some good girl time. We had such a blast and I'm so blessed to be a part of such wonderful women!

Here's the crew (minus Lynn who hadn't come back yet) who spent the night. The rest of the crew came out Saturday morning. Of course they were all dressed nice with makeup on and we were all grungy, no makeup, in our pjs sitting at the kitchen table trying to recover from having stayed up way too late! (I think some of us forgot that we were much older than we were in the old days of sleep overs!)

Highlight of the night was playing "Imaginiff." There was a lot of laughter...some more laughter, tears from laughter....and for those that have had kids some might have peed a little in their pants.

Amanda (and her precious baby boy in utero!) and Carmen

Carmen and Heather

We all enjoyed Carmen's reading of the cards which usually included listening to her sing the questions

Yep...Heather laughing again....and for those there notice how she's sitting on one butt cheek!

Carmen got a little high on too much sugar by the end of the night

And Stacey's first night away from her first born...she was a brave woman

I can't wait to do this again girls!!!!

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Nancy and Larry Nuccitelli said...

You are all such beautiful girls! And I might add FUN!!!

Love you, Aunt Nancy