Monday, August 15, 2011

Last days at the beach

Wow what an awesome trip we had last week. I was so sad to see it end. The older the kids get the more fun things they are able to do at the beach and it's just so fun to watch them explore and enjoy the beach.

We met an awesome new friend and her 3 kids and all 7 of the kids got along so well that we did most everything with them. Below is a picture of everyone except Sydney.

There was lots of crab huntingAnd wave jumpingand boogie boardingand playing with friendsand sand castle buildingMy dear friend Lynn came out with her two friends on Thursday and that just added to the fun!And here is my handsome hubbie who was such a trooper all week with so many women and kids9 kids hanging out at our place waiting for lunch Sean went and picked up some yummy subs from the French Bakery and chocolate eclairs and we all ate outside together!

There were lots of memories made this year

Thursday night we took all the kids to the new ice cream place Smores and there was this beautiful full moonAnd here's the kids waiting for their ice cream at the fire pit Friday night Sean's parents were nice enough....and brave babysit all 7 kids so us adults could go out! They even brought them KFC and doughnuts and ice cream from Dunkin Doughnuts and they all enjoyed a movie together.

Us adults on the other hand had a beautiful dinner at Oceanside on Flagler Ave complete with cocktails. We saw dolphins and a manatee and enjoyed some fun adult conversation. And I'm so happy to have made a new lifelong friend!

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