Friday, November 21, 2008

My boy time

So I've come to realize that I have special time with each boy most days of the week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays while Dallas is in school in the morning Asher and I spend the mornings together. Then when Asher takes his afternoon nap Dallas and I have our time together. And usually once Asher and Dallas have gone to bed Boston and I will have what he calls a "hang out" time together. He'll often come in and ask me, "Mom, can we have a hang out?" Since Sean is working a lot he's usually gone or working from the home office, so I have that time to spend with Boston. I didn't realize I was having these special alone times with each child until this week. I realized how great it is for me and for them. It's amazing sometimes the things they want to do when their brothers aren't around, or how different they act, or the smile on their face when they know they have my undivided attention. Dallas often wants to go jump on the neighbors trampoline, swing in the front yard or have me tickle him over and over again. Boston enjoys talking, reading books together, helping me with whatever I'm doing or coloring. Asher is so young he still pretty much follows me around but he also enjoys swinging, walking to the mailbox, or going to get a cookie at Publix with me. I'm so grateful to be able to have these special moments with each of them. They are each so special and different in their own ways and I love them all!!!

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