Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Good Mom

Today I felt like a good mom.

Not because I baked my own bread or made homeade cupcakes for school, or because I had fancy craft time or baked a gormet meal. (I did none of those.) But because I genuienly tried to enjoy every moment of today. The good....and the bad. I never raised my voice today. I never lost my cool. I stayed calm, patient and happy. And trust me there were MANY moments that could have easily gone south for me. But I prayed all day. I talked to God constantly. It was like an ongoing 13 hour converstation with Him. Many moments I was asking Him how much more he thought I could handle. Dallas pooped in his pants while in the waiting room at the Neurosurgeons office and pooped 7 times today total. There were many tantrums, back talking, disobeidence and me questioning my parenting skills. But I stayed the course. I cherished each moment for what it was. Some were learning experiences for all of us, others were teaching character traits, others were seeing God's great love and others were pure Joy. But as I wrap up the day with the boys waiting in the other room to read some books I wanted to take a moment and record these thoughts....before they so quickly slip away.