Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faith like a passenger


It's a little word with big meaning.

Especially during times when you don't feel God. Or your eyes are so focused on the day to day events in your life that you don't see Him. When you are facing struggles and feel alone. It's in these moments that your faith is truly tested.

There's been many times that I feel I failed the "faith test." Situations that I look back on with a heavy heart because I had a great opportunity to lean on my faith in the Lord and know that He would take care of me but instead chose the cheap way out. I chose to wallow in my pain, feel sorry for myself, and only see the down side to the situation.

But there are also those times I trusted Him and I leaned on Him. The times He carried me through the storm and made me a better person because I survived. And with each challenge my faith has grown. I see Him at work in my life and daily I have a choice to make. Am I putting my faith in You today Lord or am I going to try and do it on my own today. I don't always chose the best one, and those are usually the days I added 8 more grey hairs to my head and need a long hot bath at the end of the day. Those grey hairs are reminders in the morning as I brush my hair...."Choose Him today Cricket". He will get you to your desination on a much easier path than you will choose.

I once heard a story that paralled putting your faith in God and His perfect plan for your life. Pretend you are flying on a plane headed for San Francisco. If you have ever flown into San Francisco you know that as you desend all you see is water. As you look out your little circular passenger window you don't see the runway or the land that is coming. It appears as if you are about to crash right into the water. But the pilot is looking out his spacious, front view window and knows what is coming ahead. He knows exactly where and how to land the plane. You trust him because he's the pilot. God is our pilot in life. He knows exactly what is coming and what it will take to get you there safely. We only see life through out little circular eyes as the passenger in this thing called life. We can't see what is coming or how we will get there or what obstacles and struggles we will face. But we can have faith that God knows all this and He prepares us, He equips us, and He watches over us. The passenger knew he was destined for San Francisco but wasn't exactly sure the route, the speed the plane will fly, the altitude, or the amount of gas it will take. If you have the Lord in your heart you know where you are going. The details on how you will get there may be unclear but that's not important. What is important is that your ticket is purchased and the destination is set. Let Him pilot you there because He knows the perfect route!

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