Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whitman Family Menu

I plan a menu for our family every week (usually two weeks out so I can get the bulk of the shopping done every two weeks.) I used to have it on some scrap piece of paper and would make my shopping list according to the menu. The problem was that sometimes this little piece of paper with scribbled dinners written on it would go missing and I would be left with my memory, which after 4 kids is not something you want to rely on.

Being the Photoshop junkie that I am I designed our own beautiful Family menu, had it printed on at my photo printer shop and framed it with a regular 8x10 frame. Now I just write our menu on it with a dry erase marker each week.

You might notice the theme each day. We have a theme for each day of the week. This makes coming up with meals easier and its more fun for the family and there's some sort of consistency (which is always key when you have a child with Aspergers.)

Our themes are:
Monday: Italian
Tuesday: Crockpot (we have baseball practice that night and it makes it a lot easier)
Wednesday: Mexican
Thursday: Chicken
Friday: Family Favorites
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Breakfast 4 Dinner

I can't take the theme idea as my own. I got it from The Food Nanny and changed it around to fit the needs and tastes of our family.

If you don't feel like making your own just send me $15, your family name and the themes you want for your night (or I can take out the themes) and you will get your own framed Family Menu.

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