Friday, September 24, 2010

Dallas field trip: Safety Village

Dallas' Kindergarten class has a field trip almost every month this year and boy is he excited! Today I went with him on his first one to Safety Village . We got to learn what you do if their is a fire and fire safety and also learned how to cross a sidewalk and what to do when you encounter a stranger. It was fun and educational and the kids had a great time. We finished it off with a picnic lunch and playtime at a playground. Dallas did awesome and it was so fun to experience this with him!

Here he is walking up to the house to teach about fire safety. It was bright so he was wearing his sunglasses to help sooth his eyes.The fireman talking to the kidsMy precious Dallas Learning how to crawl out of a house if there is a fire with smoke in the house

Crossing the street in Safety Village
At the playground
Mrs Holland's Kindergarten class of 2011

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