Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog friendly pick up line

It's 2:45. I open the door to the garage and Dillard bolts for the car. She knows what time it is. She's a smart dog. And she knows where I'm going. And she knows there's something special there just for her.

Mr Cole is standing in the heat of the Florida sun calling names on his walkie talkie. My car pulls up to him and Dillard bounds over me to the window, panting and wagging her tail as he reaches into his pocket. A bag of colorful dog bones comes out and Dillard inches closer to him. He carefully picks out a color and smiles as he hands her the extra special treat. It's a little gesture but it means the world to her.....and to me.

1 comment:

Lynn Dorval said...

CUTE!! Ella goes on car rider with us too but she doesnt get any treats!! LOVE IT!!