Friday, August 13, 2010

A step in the right direction for Dallas

Exciting day today! Dallas did his 30 minute evaluation with 2 kindergarten teachers and the ESE teacher at the charter school Boston has been accepted at. The best part was that one of the teachers is a lady that Sean used to run regularly with when he was training for triathlons. What a since of peace I felt as he left me with a jump in his step and ready to take on the world. Maybe we will actually make it through these education years with some since of grace.

30 minutes later he came back smiling and not wanting to part from the new little boy, Elliot, he had met at the evaluation. My little social butterfly loves to land next to anyone and strike up a conversation. And I see him blossoming each day, learning to be more interested in other people than himself. And despite his Aspergers he seems to be more genuinely interested in interacting with other people and learning more about them than non affected kids. Even at Target the other day we passed by a lady who had a girl about 4 years old and a baby girl. Dallas said the Mommy, "Your little girls are so cute, " and the mom beamed. Then in the sweetest tone he said Hi to each of the girls. "How are you today?" he said the 4 year old. And in a googly, sing song voice he said to the baby girl "Oh look at you. What a cutie you are!" I smiled. Dallas has always been the kid that will walk up to a complete stranger as if he has known them forever. He the one that makes adults uncomfortable as we walk through walmart and he says hi because people no a days seem to keep to themselves and not make eye contact. Dallas could care less. "Hi, how are you today" "Hi, you are a very pretty girl." "Hi little boy, cool shoes" It's one of the things I'm most proud about him.

Back to the evaluation....the sweet teacher who was Sean's running partner pulled me aside in the other room and mentioned that she thought Dallas was very high functioning Aspergers boy (praise God he was having an especially good day and that he has progressed by leaps and bounds since his IEP evaluation at the beginning of the year!!!!!) She saw him having no problem coming to school there. I could have jumped up and down like a school girl getting asked out on her first date. We discussed some awesome things that would be available for Dallas at the school and I even learned that she herself is a Behavioral Therapist who works with severely autistic kids part time. What a true blessing. I feel so safe and comfortable sending him to school there knowing that he will be loved and cared for and most importantly understood! I thank God for having his hand on Dallas' schooling the whole time, even when I started to lose faith. And especially in those dark hours when I couldn't see the brightness of the future and wondered how in the world we would make it through the schooling years. And praise God that Dallas is making such huge steps!

I was looking at an old picture of Dallas from 2 years ago when we first started his testing to find out what was going on with him. At the time he licked his upper lip constantly. It was forever chapped and I would try every flavor of chap stick to help heal it but nothing seemed to work. At that time I thought he would never grow out of it. But he eventually did a few months later and has never done it since. I have to remember that there will be seasons with each of my kids. Good seasons where they strive to please and do good, and other seasons of learning that need constant correction and discipline. But during those dark times I have to remember that God always brings us out and He always teaches us a valuable lesson.

God is good all the time and ALL the time God is good!

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