Friday, August 27, 2010

End of summer at the lakehouse

Today I took the boys out to my parents lakehouse for the day. We have been living up our last week of summer and today was jam packed with all kinds of fun for 3 boys!

There was some tree climbing....and of course a paparazzi photographer mama

Boston - 7 1/2 (who loved to jump down from high up in the his mom mini heart attacks envisioning a trip to the ER days before school starts.) Dallas - 5 1/2 (who enjoyed hanging up there for a while with his big brother. They were two peas in a pod today)
Asher - 3 (he enjoyed the tree for about 2 minutes and then quickly wanted find frogs, lizards and anything else that moves that might not be fast enough to get away.)
I didn't climb the tree but enjoyed watching them have fun

We went for a boat ride and everyone got to drive the boat. And the weather was just perfect!

Captain Boston
Dallas driving with Papa - he was a CRAZY driver!
We also went out on the SeaDoos. Boston, Dallas and I were out trolling for gators when we spotted one and went in to get a closer look. When Dallas started to get a little nervous I started to head away from him and this was when the SeaDoo shut off. We were out there for about 5 minutes yelling to the dock and finally my mom saw us. We were rescued by Papa in the boat.
The boys also managed to swim in the lake and play on the beach for a while and drove the tractor around.
It was a really fun day and a great way to end the summer!

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